Our Story

In 2016, Pastor Ken Jones was invited to preach a series of sermons at Middle Cross Baptist Church.  The church had gone through a series of events that had left many discouraged and many had left the church.  In December of that same year, the leadership asked Ken to come be the Lead Pastor. He agreed to come for a season upon condition that we also call Pastor Doug as Co-pastor, along with the plan to prayerfully seek God’s leadership in doing revitalization for the church.  While we did not want to waver on the Biblical foundation of Middle Cross we also realized that a number of changes would be necessary, even changing the name of the church.  The leadership was in 100% agreement to move forward with calling Pastor Ken and Pastor Doug, changing the name to CrossPointe, doing extensive renovations to the building, as well as other things necessary to bring about revitalization.  We have completed our renovations and change to CrossPointe. At the end of 2017 Pastor Ken was called to a new position and we wish him well and pray that God continue to open doors for him. Pastor Doug Guess served as our Lead Pastor until Spring of 2019. 2018 was a eventful year. Our goal was to be Jesus to someone. We had 3 persons saved and baptized at CrossPointe! Glory to God!   We had several other make confessions of faith. So far in 2019 we have had 1 person saved. It is with great excitement that we look forward to what God has in-store for us in the rest of 2019! Currently we are in transition between Pastors and are seeking the Lords will in that Process


To see lives transformed by God through the gospel for His glory.  


We are committed to knowing Jesus and making Him known here and around the world!  


Our Church Covenant,

9 stated core values, as well as the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

The way our Church is governed.


Take a few minutes to watch this challenging clip explaining what the church is truly all about.  This is our passion as church family.

Ministry Links

This is a list of ministry partners we have for the sake of working together for the spread of the gospel around the world.


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3474 Crouse School Rd 

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