Billy Brown

Mary Brown

Angie Bunker

Carol Call

Connie Carter

Rushford Coe

Bryan Cox

Mickey Cox

Lisa Crowder

Michelle Downey

Lorie Duncan

Shirley Ellis

Steve & Brook Finnley

Robin & Raymond Frye

Bernice Gilbert

Corey Good

Joyce Grant

Mary Grigg

Brenda Haggie

Betty Harveston

Pat Hassell

Vickie Hoke

Ginny Holman

Kala Holman

Michael Holman

Rita Hopkins

Kelsy Jalinsky

Blenda James

Zachary & Sarah Jenks

Charlene Johnson

Doug Johnson

Kim Johnson

Justin Laftin

Linda lawing's Son

Robert Leonhardt

Tommy Leonhardt

Rob Little

Sarah Manly

Ronnie & Christy Massey

Shelly Mellons

Judy Michaels

Dale Miller & Wife

Donald Miller's Wife

Jessica & Brian Miller

Brad Payner's Son

Fred Porter

Elizabeth Reep

Amber Rodgers

Kim Sanders

Carol Sigmon

Jill Smith & Family

Ernie & Peggy Smith

Matthew Spaws

Christiana Stroupe

Evata Taylor

Mark Taylor

Jake Tidwell

Paul Townsley

Ann Vance

Jeff Vance

Stacie Walker

Frankis & Sharon Ware

Colon Warren

Peggy Warren

Austin White

Shirley Wiesenborn

Donna Willis

Jeremy Willis

Justin Willis

Hayden Wilson

William (Ginny)

Ministry Links

This is a list of ministry partners we have for the sake of working together for the spread of the gospel around the world.


 Tel: 980-429-5633

3474 Crouse School Rd 

Crouse, NC 28033